Voluntary Assessments


No-Risk Septic Inspection

What if you or your family has a property with a septic system that you know nothing about that you are considering selling? You would like to know if the septic system is going to pass a Title 5 real-estate transfer inspection. You don't want to report the results if the system is going to fail. 

If this sounds like your situation, then the voluntary assessment is for you. We perform the voluntary assessment to the same level of detail as a regular Title 5 inspection. When complete, you have the option of reporting it or not. 

We have done many voluntary assessments for estates. Savvy investors and would-be buyers use the voluntary assessment when considering buying foreclosed property to know the condition of the septic system before they buy it. 

Schedule a Voluntary Assessment

Typical lead-times are 1 to 2 weeks. Contact us by phone, text, Email or Facebook. We offer Saturday hours for those in a time-crunch. Ask about our 48-hour fast track service.

Cell: 508-776-3479

Office: 508-385-5891

Email: joemartins@comcast.net