Innovative and Alternative Septic Technology


FAST Systems

The Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment explains the operation of a FAST system at this following web address.

Our team has serviced FAST systems for years and is in good standing with the Barnstable County Health Labs. Contracts are typically made for the service of these systems, as are with other types of Alternative and Innovative systems, also known as IA or I/A systems.

If you have a FAST system and are in need of annual maintenance and sampling, Joe Martins is highly qualified for this task. Joe Martins will ensure that your system is running properly and environmentally safe.

Please contact Joe Martins if you have any questions on FAST systems or would like to discuss the terms of opening a contract for a FAST system.

Other types of Alternative and Innovative systems that we service are Bioclere, Waterloo and Singulair systems.

If you need a contract for a FAST system, our team is highly qualified. Please contact us to set up a new contract.

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