Title 5


What is Title 5?

In Massachusetts, Title 5 refers to the rules and regulations for the design, construction and inspection of on-site septic systems.

What is a Title 5 system?

A Title 5 system is a system that was installed from 1978 to present. The Title 5 code was updated in 1995. A Title 5 system consists of a set of engineering plans and a septic tank, distribution box, and soil absorption system (leaching). 

What isn't a Title 5 system?

Typically, any kind of cesspools or a non-engineered system that may include some Title 5 components. Cesspools are sub-standard, non-conforming septic systems that are not allowed in some towns, but allowed in others. There are special inspection procedures for cesspools including block-test and video inspection of old orange burg lines, to determine root infiltration and pipe integrity. Some cesspools can pass. 

Outcomes of Title 5 Inspections

 The four outcomes for a Title 5 Inspection are:

  • Pass: With no further action required, this is the best case scenario.
  • Conditional Pass: Minor repairs are required. Our team can perform these repairs, often on the same day as the inspection.
  • Further Evaluation Required: Less than 5% of the time, a regulator will need to be contacted due to specific site or dwelling conditions. 
  • Fail: System is not functioning as intended. 

For each of these outcomes, our team can guide you to fulfill your system's needs.

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